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Dawn Celebration

by Glazzio

Within the illustrious Ceremonial Collection lies a magnificent embodiment of elegance, showcased through the captivating circles pattern. Crafted from glass, this resplendent tile exhibits a delicate interplay of light colors, evoking a sense of serene tranquility reminiscent of a breathtaking dawn. Enveloped in its gentle hues, your space is transformed into a sanctuary of refined beauty, where the enchanting essence of a picturesque morning is forever captured in its radiant presence.

Tile Size: 1" x 1" circle
Sheet Size: 11 5/8" x 12 7/8"
Sheet Coverage: 1.04 SQF
Rows Per Sheet: 14
Tiles Per Sheet: 154
Cut into Borders: Every 2 Rows
Tile Thickness: 5/16" (8mm)
Grout Joint: 1/16" (2mm)
Mesh Mounted: Yes